Woman Goes for a Swim With Seals


When the water bills reach alarming rates, people might feel compelled to share a bathtub with the seals. Some reckless risk-takers will go the next mile to save a bit of cash from leaking out of the bank account.

A woman was visiting the Woods Hole Science Aquarium in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, when she dove into the water to join the seals. The safety barrier was unable to stop her from leaping into the waters.

Ken Watson, a witness at the scene, said: “She got off her bike, went around the edge, and boom, in the water.” Perhaps she needed to wash off the sweat from a lengthy bike ride.

“There are wonderful days in Falmouth. Every day, you never know what you are going to see,” Watson said.

The seal exhibit opened to visitors recently and this woman added a dramatic twist with her unexpected dive. Witness Eileen Watson said: “I was pretty shocked that she would jump into the tank, it seemed very strange.”

A representative from the Science Aquarium, Teri Frady, said that staff members assisted in lifting the woman out of the pool. As soon as she got out of the waters, she got back on her bike and rode away. The staff reported the incident to the police officers. The cops traced the woman and took her to the hospital for a physical examination.

“This is the first full-blown, middle-of-the-day diving in the pool everybody can see the event,” Frady said.

People-watching can be more rewarding than passively observing animal behavior. This tale definitely gives aquarium visitors more bang for their buck with the ticket purchases.


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