Woman Goes Into Labor While Clubbing


A party-loving 20-year-old was completely shocked when she started having labor pains in the club. The woman had no idea that she was pregnant, having no symptoms before her surprise labor.

Vivian Wise Ruizvelasco was at the club celebrating a friend’s birthday when she first started suffering intense hip and stomach pain. Up until that point, she didn’t have the typical signs one does when pregnant like a baby bump. Ruizvelasco was also still having her period, regularly exercising and had been drinking but not as much as usual after having her gallbladder removed a year ago.

Instead of sticking out the rest of the night, Ruizvelasco decided to head home to get some rest. The next morning, the symptoms continued and her boyfriend Tonatiuh González, insisted the pair go to the hospital.

After getting checked over by a gynecologist, they confirmed Ruizvelasco was in fact pregnant and currently experiencing labor pains. “Immediately, I went into shock for many reasons – such as if the baby was okay and what I was going to do with him, as I’ve never carried a baby [before] in my life,” Ruizvelasco said.

The woman underwent a c-section and after the birth, the couple was left with many mixed emotions. “My boyfriend was in shock. I don’t know what he was [thinking], but he clearly had to get moving as there were things we needed, as well as how we were going to pay for the hospital,” she said.

To share their experience, Ruizvelasco uploaded a video of her experience on TikTok. The video that documents her entire nine months of being unknowingly pregnant has received over 17 million views.

Users took to the comments section to share their reactions, with many sharing their experiences. One person commented: “This happened to me with my first daughter never knew I was prego till the day I had her and I was getting my period every month.”

Another user wrote: “Welcome to the club I didn’t know I was expecting twins until I was 30 weeks and I delivered them at 34 weeks.”

Ruizvelasco is now overjoyed by her child despite her terrifying experience. “He’s my son, my partner and the love of my life — it’s honestly the best and most sudden thing that could have happened to me,” she said.


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