Woman Hides Stolen Merchandise Under Breasts


There is an endless amount of opportunity when it comes to new ideas on where to hide stolen merchandise. Hidden in bags, below skirts and now stuffed under breasts, thieves are using any assets they can to walk away scot-free.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office in Augusta, Georgia, is requesting help from the public to locate two people wanted for questioning. The pair were seen pictured in the CVS on Wrightsboro Road where they stole merchandise from the store.

According to an incident report and security footage, the woman was shown walking down multiple aisles and grabbing items off the shelves. She then proceeded to stuff the goods under her breasts that were quite exposed in the shirt she was wearing.

The man has also been accused of stealing but was not caught on camera completing the act. The police are asking anyone who may have more information to contact the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office at 706-821-1020 or 706-8211-1080.


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