Woman Invoiced After First Date


Oftentimes, first dates can be pretty unsuccessful. If there’s no connection between you and the other person, what’s the point of continuing on a doomed path? A woman was left confused when she was sent an invoice to cover expenses after a failed first date.

Fiona Hope messaged the man she went on a date with after their first meeting that she had no “romantic connection” with him, politely letting him know she didn’t want to see him again. As his response, the man sent her a digital invoice so he could get back the money he spent taking her to dinner.

Fiona posted about the entire incident on TikTok with the caption: “Sorry mate, no refunds allowed.” She also wrote in a follow up comment: “JUST TO CLARIFY, I offered to pay several times and he was extremely insistent. I’m not going to beg to pay.”

In a viral video, Fiona showed that the project name for the invoice was listed as “unsuccessful date” and had a due date of ASAP. The invoice also broke down the costs the man expected Fiona to pay, with £17 for food and £12 for drinks, making the total to be paid £29. Even after she offered to pay in the moment, her date still wanted the measly £29 he ultimately spent on their meal.

Some commenters were pretty split on the idea of an invoice. Naturally, most of the men in the comments praised Fiona’s date as a “hero,” whereas most of the women joked they would send an invoice for “wasted time.”

One person said: “Oh if we’re invoicing for wasted time now, my exes are about to get a hefty bill.”

Another wrote: “Send him an invoice back for your wasted time, including getting ready, transport, makeup, outfit, hair styling products, everything.”


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