Woman Killed Roommate, Attempted to Mask DNA With Soda

A little Mountain Dew should be enough to hide the tracks in a gruesome murder. A woman who was accused of stabbing her roommate to death asked the police for a drink only to pour it over herself to tamper with the DNA evidence.

Nichole Maks, 35, was busted by cops for her involvement in a house fire and the evidence pointed towards her when officials found a male body with stab wounds and two cell phones. One of the devices belonged to Maks, making her a prime suspect in the case.

The other phone belonged to Michael Cerasoli, 79, who was identified as the dead body and Maks’ roommate.

The police issued a search for Maks and an hour later, officers found Maks at an intersection near a restaurant. Maks was carrying a knife and hammer then dropped the weapons when she saw the cops ready to confront her.

Officers spotted Maks with blood on her leg and her toe was bleeding. Her shirt was also torn with blood stains on it.

When cops began to question her, Maks had trouble getting her story straight since she told the officers different tales each time. At one point, she informed them that she was homeless. Then she confessed to living with Cerasoli and that his bedroom was upstairs. According to her statement, the only time she went upstairs was to “feed her spiders.”

Maks had a nervous breakdown when detectives probed about her weapons and requested a lawyer. Soon after, she asked for a drink and the police passed her a Diet Mountain Dew. Maks poured the soda all over her body “in an attempt to interfere with the possible evidence.”

Unfortunately for Maks, bathing in soda didn’t do her any good. Her DNA was on a knife blade retrieved near his body at the home so the case evidence was already stacked against her.

Maks faced a sticky predicament and she was charged with first-degree premeditated murder.