Woman Locks Boyfriend in House for Three Days to Prevent Cheating

Trust is a delicate topic for many couples since some relationships are built on rocky grounds with a partner who isn’t very trustworthy.

A 30-year-old woman in Argentina had a difficult time trusting her partner and she took extreme measures to ensure his loyalty. She kept her 29-year-old boyfriend hostage in her house for three days to make sure he didn’t cheat on her. In her perspective, it was best to remove the temptation by keeping him as a prisoner trapped between four walls with no attractive distractions.

The couple have been dating for six months and the girlfriend trapped him inside after an argument that brought out her jealous side. She felt furious after his social media interactions, then proceeded to uninstall WhatsApp from his phone and broke the device to keep him from finding new lovers. Once she got rid of the device, she locked him in the room for three days until he managed to steal her phone and text a friend for assistance.

Police officers from La Plata rescued the captive man from a locked room in the woman’s residence. When officers made it to the house on Villa Ponsati Street they immediately heard the man screaming for help. They proceeded to rescue the man and arrested the woman. She was later charged with “illegal deprivation of liberty.”

The man experienced red flags at the beginning of their relationship when she set a return time for his social outings, but he chose to ignore them. “She threatened me that if I didn’t arrive at such and such a time or another, she would come to wherever I was to look for me,” the man told police.

Her jealousy only got worse with time and a house arrest was more than enough to zap the misguided lover back to his senses.

If locks were the solution to every insecurity, more couples would be in hardware stores as supposed to couples therapy.