Woman Overwhelmed by $4,000 Worth of Amazon Deliveries

A single unsolicited Amazon delivery can raise an eyebrow but how about getting 80 Amazon boxes shipped to your door? Liz Geltman has been living in DC for 30 years but she was caught off guard when she found herself in an endless loop of Amazon deliveries for items that she never ordered.

Geltman is becoming the gossip in the community with other residents curious about her count of the day. “Well, that’s the game. Everybody asks me how many Amazon boxes today and they don’t mean my shopping. They mean misdeliveries,” Geltman said.

A few weeks ago, she had 35 boxes delivered and her tally for one of those days was fourteen.

“It was two rows almost up to the covering the door. It looks like these big towering blocks, children’s blocks of Legos, all the way up to the covering the door of my house,” she said.

The name on those packages is Meng Xian Kuan and Geltman doesn’t know anyone by that name.

Geltman informed Amazon about the staggering number of deliveries and Amazon told her to keep the deliveries. Once she opened the packages, she discovered they were children’s bedding and she gave the bedding away to others.

However, there was no end to the free deliveries and the more she gave, the more that kept coming.

Delivery drivers won’t load the boxes back into their trucks. They just want to get their job done. “They won’t take it back on their trucks, either. It’s like they just leave it. This is yours,” she said.

Geltman visits the Amazon return center at Whole Foods in Tenleytown to drop off a new stash of boxes and the trips are adding to her frustrations. She’s stuck having to haul the boxes back for orders that were never placed by her.

The company doesn’t seem to be bothered by her shipments. Since the orders aren’t from her account, Amazon was unable to remove her address from the account of the sender for privacy reasons.

After getting inquiries from WUSA9, Amazon apologized to Geltman and started picking up the packages from her residence. They are placing efforts to try to stop the ongoing shipments.

Geltman was fed up with $4,000 worth of children’s sheets and large amounts of bedding were anything but comforting. She’s relieved that her frustrations are finally being addressed by the company.