Woman Pepper Sprays Landlord Over Eviction


The price of rent has skyrocketed and landlords have been evicting renters when they can’t pay up. A woman in San Antonio, Texas, got fed up with her landlord and was charged after injuring an elderly man she pepper sprayed when he evicted her from his property.

Larrietta Holmes allegedly arrived at the property in question when she knew the 71-year-old man would be checking on the property. The 31-year-old proceeded to douse the man with pepper spray before fleeing the scene.

Witnesses saw her enter and leave the property, as well as heard screaming from inside. Ripley, the elderly man involved, was transported to an area hospital and treated for getting pepper spray to the face.

Authorities from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrested Holmes and charged her with injury to the elderly. This crime is seen as a third-degree felony so Holmes is in for quite the charge.


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