Woman Puts Condom on Leg to Prove Men Aren’t ‘Too Big’


Think you’re too big for a condom? You’re probably wrong. A woman took to social media to dispel the rumor of men claiming to be too big for a condom.

In the video uploaded to Elle Muirhead’s TikTok, her employee, Jo Jordan, is seen putting a condom onto her foot like a sock and rolling it up her leg. The condom ends up being able to go over her knee and up her thigh, resulting in a latex-looking thigh-high boot.

In a couple of follow up videos, Muirhead gave a few more details about the original TikTok. They grabbed the first unlubricated condom they could find, which ended up being from the brand Trojan Condoms.

According to global data, the average penis size for a man is between 5.1 and 5.5 inches. The average condom size starts at 6.7 to 8.3 inches with larger sizes available. Muirhead suggested that any men who don’t think they can fit in an average-sized condom can always size up.

The video has gone viral, currently sitting at over 16 million views. One user who also works in an adult store commented: “It was very difficult not to laugh at men that said this, when I worked at an adult store.”

Another mentioned condoms aren’t necessarily one size fits all, but there’s still no excuse when it comes to safe sex. “The wrong size can go from loose to painful — but nowadays with companies like Myone custom condoms and a plethora of standard choices there’s no excuse,” they said.


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