Woman Quits Job After Failed Wedding Guest List


Quitting your job is a big decision to make, especially when you’ve just gotten married. A Chinese woman couldn’t stand her workplace any longer after only one of 70 coworkers attended her wedding.

On the happiest day of her life, the woman was humiliated by her coworkers. Even after five years of working at the same company and attending multiple weddings for her own coworkers, they failed to do the same.

The woman was so sure her coworkers would come to her wedding that she invited all 70 along, fearing any she didn’t invite would feel left out. With six tables reserved, only one seat was actually occupied on the day of the wedding. The only coworker to attend the woman’s wedding was her apprentice, most likely feeling obligated to show up.

After the wedding, she immediately resigned, being humiliated in front of all her guests and her husband’s family. She apparently couldn’t keep working with the same people who refused to show up for her wedding.

In the future, maybe this woman will learn to include a response date for any future events.


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