Woman Refused to Eat Sister’s Thanksgiving Dinner Because of Family Dog

Avoiding family meals because of a shedding family dog can divide not only households but the internet as well. One woman had to stand up for herself when she claimed to have refused to eat her sister’s Thanksgiving dinner because of the dog’s fur.

The woman took to Reddit to vent her frustrations and to figure out whether or not it was disrespectful for leaving a Thanksgiving celebration abruptly due to the presence of her sister’s dog.

The woman explained that she does not like dogs and that her 29-year-old sister “has a dog that she says her world revolves around.” It doesn’t seem like a great match to begin with.

The dog apparently “sheds a lot” and she has previously discovered dog hair in dishes her sister has created, leaving her with the decision to leave on Thanksgiving. “I don’t eat food at/from my sister’s house. I’ve found dog hair in her cooking before so I gently pass on her dishes. Privately I have told my mom that I don’t like her dog around food and I won’t eat my sister’s dishes,” she wrote.

Thanksgiving dinner was meant to be held at the poster’s parent’s house, which was fine until she found her sister’s dog running through the kitchen. She informed everyone that she wouldn’t be eating the food.

“They ask why, I tell them why,” the poster continued. “My sister says I’m blowing things out of proportion. Mentions lots of people eat food prepared [while] dogs are nearby. I tell her I’m not one of those people.”

She left the house at that point and was kind enough to leave the pies she brought for the meal. Although her family was disappointed in her situation, the response online was somewhat mixed.

Some people thought that the original poster wasn’t in the wrong for leaving. One user wrote: “Sounds like your sister has a messy house and the dog is not properly groomed either. I totally get it and you shouldn’t have to put up with the dog mess.”

Another said: “I can understand both sides. She is in the right to refuse to eat there.” 

Others were on the side of the family, stating that millions of people own pets in the United States. One person commented: “There are 69 million dog owners and 45 million cat owners in the U.S., most all of whom eat food prepared around pets.”

A second chimed in with: “I am absolutely not a dog fan but unless they were wiping their utensils on his butt, I think you’re being pretty dramatic.”