Woman Sets Bare Feet on Armrest During Five-Hour Flight

Flying commercially is a nightmare these days but it can be even worse depending on the people sitting around you on the flight. A woman decided to show it all by placing her bare feet on the armrest in front of her so she could have a more enjoyable flying experience. It’s safe to say the passenger in front of her didn’t agree.

A Reddit user posted on the platform about the incident. They wrote: “Barely boarded into a 5 hr flight and this lady snuck her bare feet to push off my arm off the armrest. Why are people so nasty.” [sic] A picture of the woman’s feet straight up chilling on the armrest was also added, making the nastiness really come to life.

It’s unclear as to what happened to resolve this situation but other Reddit users certainly had their way with words in the comment section. One user wrote: “I’m a laid back person but that’s an immediate stand up, turn around, ‘put those things away right now’ from me.”

Another added: “I will turn this plane around.”

Others had some suggestions for the original poster. One commented: “Oops, I spilled my hot coffee on your feet,” while a second suggested: “Accidentally ‘sneeze’ on her feet.”

No one should have to put up with those terrifying trotters for a five-hour flight.