Woman Sets Nails on Fire


Treating yourself to a manicure is one way to get some much-needed self-care. To be out with the old and in with the new look, your old polish needs to be removed. Instead of using nail polish remover, one woman went viral online for showing off her bizarre manicure removal tip.

Lyubov, a content creator from Yaroslavl, Russia, shared her secret to removing old polish: setting her nails on fire. The idea for the tip came after she accidentally caught a nail on a candle. The fire helped burn the old polish off her nail and she was ready for a fresh new manicure.

The 22-year-old posted the video on Instagram sharing her secret and was met with a firestorm of activity. The caption of the video read: “How does your manicurist remove your old coating?”

The post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and has been viewed over 43.6 million times as of this posting. Despite the overwhelming response, the viewers were quite divided in the comments.

One person wrote: “Damn, I accidentally set my nail on fire once and it was super painful, my nails were about the same length.”

Another one added: “Oh yeah she Must be nuts! I am not trying to harm myself or anybody in any way do you know the horrible things that could go wrong, people who don’t have hands they don’t have the use of their fingers. We have they used to set them on fire? Really?”


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