Woman Shoplifts 30 Cans of Red Bull Under Her Skirt

Thieves are getting more and more creative when it comes to stealing their loot. An Irish woman showed just how good her imagination was by stashing 30 cans of Red Bull under her skirt before leaving the store without paying.

Constansu Munteanu has been sentenced to four months in jail by the Cork District Court for this incident and other small thefts. The woman had at least ten convictions for theft before her three recent charges. On top of stealing the Red Bull, she also stole $155 worth of items and $106 worth of meat products on separate occasions.

When appearing in court, the 24-year-old did not bring any money to compensate the shops she had stolen from, despite dating back over two years. This is what caused Judge Kelleher to sentence Munteanu to four months in jail and set recognizances at $315 if she wished to appeal the sentence.

The defendant was able to reappear in court where she signed her appeal paper and $315 cash was lodged.

The solicitor who represented the accused, Dennis Healy, claimed that Munteanu had been out of trouble for over two years. He also mentioned that she had been forced into stealing as there were other parties who benefited from her shoplifting but she was the one who was caught.