Woman Shows Off Fingernails She’s Been Growing for 30 Years


Imagine not cutting your nails for over 30 years. That’s the reality for one woman whose nails have measured in at 12 inches in length.

Cordelia “Dee Dee” Adams is a nail technician from Gary, Indiana, and first started growing her nails in 1989 when she became a nail technician. The 59-year-old doesn’t just have your standard, plain-Jane long fingernails. No, hers are decorated with acrylic overlays with various artistic designs donning them.

Since then, she’s been constantly teaching herself to perform regular day-to-day tasks without breaking her prized pinkies. Adams has learned how to safely drive a car, write and hold things in her hands without having her nails in the way.

“The nails fold back over my arm, so if I’m holding something they’re out of the way completely. I don’t go at anything fingertip first,” Adams said.

Naturally, having such long nails has brought quite the attention to Adams, both good and bad.

“The best thing about having the super long nails is the attention,” Adams said. She also added that the worst thing about her nails is the disrespectful questions that people sometimes ask her, like how she eats or how she takes care of herself with such long fingernails.

As an experienced nail technician, Adams has been able to keep her nails in great condition by touching up the designs if they ever chip or fade.


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