Woman Spoils Chihuahuas with $40,000 Wardrobe


One woman is dedicated to making sure her chihuahuas are the most fashionable pups around, spending over $40,000 on their wardrobe. There’s spoiling your pets and then there’s this.

Chihuahuas Gizmo, 12, and Starleena, one, each has the perfect wardrobe filled with outfits for every occasion. Jahnnalee Randall is also a stand-up comedian on top of being a doting owner. She literally takes her dogs everywhere, including onstage with her at her comedy gigs.

Gizmo and Starleena have over 300 pieces of clothing and 12 sets of shoes each, including two pairs of Crocs. Despite having all these pieces, they often only wear clothes onstage during Randall’s comedy performances.

“I have spent about $40,000 on their wardrobe and accessories but they only really wear clothes for shows or to go out.

“I think it’s the cutest thing in the world seeing dogs dressed up. Humans do it so my furry kiddos should do it too.

“I don’t want human kids, I like my furry kiddos. They look like furry little humans. They also love the attention they get when they’re dressed up,” she said.

Credit: jahnnalee/MERCURY PRESS

The luxury doesn’t stop there for these pooches. They even have their own bedroom with a double bed and a mini dog theme park in the backyard, filled with blow-up water slides, bean bags, gazebos and inflatable rainbows. Gizmo, as the elder doggo, also has his miniature Lamborghini with his own number plate because of course he does.

Randall posts on TikTok regularly documenting the lives of Gizmo and Starleena by celebrating birthdays, dressing up the dogs in costumes, and bringing them along to her stand-up shows.


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