Woman Spoils Dalmatians Rotten


Pampering your pooches every once in a while is a good thing but sometimes owners can go a bit too far. Does a pet really need to have a bed in every room of their home?

Dalmatians Felicia and Delilah live in luxury and are constantly being spoiled by their owner, Jennifer Schone. The 35-year-old forks out around $300 a month on their dog food and has spent more than $2,400 on their beds alone.

The dogs both get walked three times a day in the stunning countryside of Stendal, Germany. Felicia, five, and Delilah, 10-weeks-old, also have a large collection of custom collars, totaling around $1,500. They have more collars than Schone has bags.

Schone, who works as a nurse, said that she deliberately has no children so that she can spoil her pups as much as possible.

“Whilst some people may not see animals as substitutes for children, my horses and the dogs mean everything to me, and I love them the way in which parents love their kids. Felicia and Delilah only get the best of everything and are never uncomfortable,” Schone said.

She also explained more about the dog’s lifestyle, detailing their custom beds, lavish accessories and other things you’d expect spoiled dogs to have.

“They have seven beds around the house including a princess bed, orthopedic bed and five different baskets. I buy them the best brand of food which is about £250 ($305) a month, and then if I see a collar or sweater that looks pretty, I’ll always get it for them.

“They have over 150 toys between them because they’re really active dogs they enjoy playing with them all,” Schone said.

To break down her spending more, Schone often spends between $60 to $100 on accessories, opting to buy the same collar in multiple colors. Depending on the maker, some of them retail for about $70 each.

Naturally, Schone has a collection of sweaters and winter outfits for the pooches, which cost around $100 each. Then there are the ten harnesses, about $90 each.

Like any dog owner, Schone just wants to ensure her dogs have the highest of luxuries, paying for the best dog food and constant vet visits to make sure they’re healthy but with a bit more of an added bonus.


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