Woman Surprised by Iguana in Toilet


It’s not every day that an iguana shows up in your toilet. A Florida woman was in for a surprise when she greeted the uninvited guest in her bathroom.

Michelle Reynolds went downstairs to her kitchen to make herself a snack. After starting her microwavable popcorn, she went to use the bathroom and “opened the door and did a quick turnaround because I saw this thing in there and quickly shut the door!” she said.

The thing in question was an iguana, a common reptile now found in the Florida area. The animal was unable to get out of the toilet, leaving Reynolds to contact Harold Rondon of Iguana Lifestyles, a wildlife removal service, to come to the rescue.

Rondon has removed several iguanas from South Florida properties just this year. “This is the second one this week already,” he said.

A Mexican spiny tail iguana from the toilet, which can grow up to 18 inches long. He apparently took up most of the toilet bowl.

Iguanas are not a native species in Florida but have now become commonplace in the state. It’s believed that they were brought to the area as pets in the 1960s, with some escaping or being released in the process.


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