Woman Takes a Hit for the Monkey


Let’s be clear on the goal — are we trying to shoot people or monkeys?

Residents from Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, filed complaints regarding a monkey strolling into Fujikawa Train Station. Officials dispatched a team of three municipal employees and one contracted specialist with tranquilizer rifles to catch the animal.

The team of four arrived at the station on a mission to catch the threatening monkey. They investigated a woman who had seen the monkey. She soon realized that she was safer in the hands of the monkey than the hunters as she was shot by a rogue tranquilizer dart, resulting in her losing consciousness.

The dart was shot into the woman’s left arm by one of the rifles. While the woman was near them, the hunters were taping the barrels of their rifles to prevent air leakage and in the process, one of them accidentally pulled on the trigger of his weapon, discharging it.

She was taken to the hospital immediately, where she regained consciousness an hour later. It took another hour before she could communicate clearly. Fortunately, she did not get hurt by the well-intentioned hunters and made a smooth recovery.

The Fuji City government released an apology statement to the woman and ordered an investigation and policy review to prevent accidental discharges from reoccurring. The monkey hunters may have missed their target but the team will give it another go after gun-safety lessons.


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