Woman Takes Ambulance on Joyride


It’s not often that an ambulance is involved in a car accident. This incident went from bad to worse after a California woman decided to go for a little spin by stealing an ambulance in Panorama City. Not the most incognito getaway car.

Authorities said that the woman was arrested after crashing the vehicle into a pickup truck and an SUV following a pursuit with law enforcement.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Valley Traffic Division, the ambulance was reported to be stolen from Sherman Oaks Hospital at 14500 W. Chase St. It wasn’t until 2:07 a.m. that firefighters and paramedics were called to the resulting crash.

The LAPD’s Media Relations Division announced that the ambulance had crashed into two vehicles in the area of Chase Street and Van Nuys Boulevard. The suspect and the three other women involved in the crashes suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

It’s unknown how recklessly the woman was driving the ambulance but she was clearly distracted enough to cause a scene. Maybe next time, she’ll throw on the flashing lights and siren to draw less attention and keep cool while motoring away.


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