Woman Tricks Mother Out of $140 Million Using ‘Psychics’


Some people will do anything to ensure they get a piece of their family’s expensive pie. A Brazilian woman tried all she could to swindle her mother out of more than $140 million worth of art.

According to police, Sabine Coll Boghici used a ring of supposed psychics who claimed the paintings were cursed. Genevieve Boghici was defrauded out of art, jewelry and money worth 724 million reais or $142.42 million.

At least 16 paintings were stolen from the 82-year-old who was the widow of the art collector Jean Boghici. Works by Brazilian artists like Cicero Dias, Rubens Gerchman and Alberto Guignard were all taken. Authorities estimated that three of the works by Tarsila do Amaral could be worth around $137.69 million alone.

The plot began in 2020 after Genevieve Boghici was approached by someone claiming to be a psychic who had foreseen her daughter’s imminent death. She was then introduced to other psychics who were able to give personal information to Coll Boghici to fool her mother into these claims. Genevieve was tricked into handing over the money for “spiritual treatment.”

Throughout the years-long plot, seven people were suspected by police. Coll Boghici was arrested by officers along with several others. Two of those involved are still on the run.


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