Woman Tries First Meal After Only Eating Potato Chips for 23 Years


There’s no better treat than a handful of potato chips but only eating the salty snack for 23 years might be a bit much.

One woman has finally eaten a proper meal after she lived off a diet of cheese and onion-flavored potato chips sandwiches for over 20 years. It only took some willpower and being hypnotized to do the trick.

Zoe Sadler, from Coventry, England, has chomped her way through Walkers potato chips in buttered white bread for lunch and dinner every day since she was a toddler. The 25-year-old eats two packs of chips a day because other foods were leaving her feeling physically sick.

“My mom and dad say I tried other foods as a toddler but I always turned my nose up or refused to put them in my mouth. Apparently, the only thing mom could get down me were potato chips which I used to suck until they were soft.

“I remember being at school when I was little and having potato chip sandwiches in my lunch box. They were the only thing I liked to eat. I usually had a bowl of dry cereal for breakfast and then a potato chip sandwich for lunch and another one for dinner,” Sadler said.

After developing multiple sclerosis a few years ago, Sadler decided to kick the habit and improve her health. She turned to hypnotherapist David Kilmurry for help who diagnosed her with Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID).

After just two hypnotherapy sessions, Sadler is no longer scared of trying new foods. She has been able to enjoy most fruits and vegetables for the first time, along with some other foods.

Sadler said: “We had two two-hour sessions which felt like they lasted five minutes each and after the second one I was able to try loads of different foods.

“I can’t believe how nice strawberries are and I even tried a Wagamama chili squid which was really spicy. I’m looking forward to trying curry and lots of other different foods.”

Sadler’s wedding day is also nearing, which has left her motivated to try new things that she can add to the menu. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like potato chip sandwiches will be on served on her special day.


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