Woman Undecided on Re-Wearing Wedding Dress to Friend’s Special Day


A woman is dividing opinions after she sparked a fierce debate online over the topic of re-wearing her wedding dress to her best friend’s wedding.

It’s common knowledge to never upstage a bride on her own wedding day, but this is a slightly unusual situation. The dress isn’t your typical “wedding dress” as it isn’t white and it isn’t a flowy gown.

In a post on Reddit, the woman explained that she wore a short purple dress to the “legal ceremony” she had with her husband over five years ago. It’s that dress that she’s looking to re-wear to her friend’s upcoming wedding.

The situation gets complicated since although the bride-to-be wasn’t at the wedding, they both have a mutual friend that will most likely remember the purple dress.

She wrote: “I got married five years ago, and wore a short, purple dress to the legal ceremony at the city hall. We then had a religious ceremony to which I wore a more traditional floor-length, white gown.

“My friend Lana (not her real name) is soon getting married and I am thinking of re-wearing my purple dress to her wedding since it is probably the nicest dress that I own. Would that be rude?

“I hadn’t met Lana five years ago, so she wouldn’t know that this was my wedding dress.

“However, one of her other guests, Nicole, is a mutual friend who was also a guest at my wedding and would probably remember that I wore this dress to my city hall ceremony.”

Reddit users varied in opinions on the topic. Most said the dress was probably fine since it wasn’t a white gown, while others were still concerned by the mutual friend who may remember the dress.

One person said, “Totally fine! It might actually be flattering that you’d wear such an important dress for her day.”

Another user took a disagreed and said: “I’m gonna go against the grain here and say I would feel weird if someone wore their wedding dress, white or another colour, to my wedding. Like that was for your special day, why would you want to wear it to mine?

“I wouldn’t be mad or think that much about it, and I don’t think it’s rude per se, but I would find it a little odd.”


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