Woman Undergoes Surgery, Wakes Up With No Kidneys

Getting surgery to help fix an ongoing problem is ideal but what if you wake up with a different organ missing? A woman undergoing surgery to remove her uterus woke up from the procedure only to find that both of her kidneys had been stolen.

Sunita Devi who is from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district went to a private clinic in Bariyarpur to have her uterus surgically removed. The doctors involved had some other plans and decided to remove both her kidneys and disappear.

The 38-year-old was rushed to Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) because her condition was getting worse after the initial surgery. There, the doctors informed the woman and her family that both her kidneys had been removed and she required dialysis to survive.

“Doctors at SKMCH referred Sunita to Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna for treatment. She was sent back to this hospital after treatment there. Since Sunita has no kidneys, if she does not have dialysis for even one day, then she could die,” Dr. BS Jha, superintendent of SKMCH, said.

This seems like a horrifying tale but in reality, this has been happening to people for decades. A patient will go to a clinic for a procedure only to have their organs harvested to later be sold on the black market.

An investigation was opened against both Pawan Kumar, the owner of Subhakant Clinic, and Dr. R K Singh. They found that the clinic was not registered and that the doctors’ qualifications appeared to be fake. Both men were on the run ever since the incident but one of them was recently captured by the authorities.

Devi remains in critical condition and will require an organ transplant to survive. The mother of three has also called upon the Indian Government to make the doctors pay for what they did to her. “I appeal to the government to immediately arrest the accused doctor who removed my both kidneys. His kidneys should be given to me for transplant so that I could survive,” Devi said.