Woman Upset With Neighbor for Using Their Own Pool


It’s okay to be frustrated with neighbors now and then but to be mad that they’re using their own pool during a heat wave is something else.

A woman took to the internet to vent her frustration over her neighbor’s children being noisy while using the pool in their own backyard. Apparently, she’s tired of hearing the children’s named yelled “100 times a day.”

While noisy neighbors aren’t fun to deal with, asking children to quiet down when hot temperatures are being reached daily is asking for a lot. If you’re not the one in the pool, it might make the heat even worse, which explains the outburst online.

The woman wrote: “We live in a terrace so very close proximity to each other. The neighbour next door has a big pool crammed into the backyard. She’s been practically living in the garden all week. She has the one toddler, a boy, who seems to be quite naughty.

“All I hear all day through my open windows is happy screaming, angry screaming, crying, lots of splashing, ‘wooooo’, ‘one two three go!’ ‘High five!’.

“Must have heard the child’s name about 100 times today. They finally went inside at about 7, but not before I heard her say they’ll come back out tomorrow. I’m cursing that pool.

“Before she got it they never went in the garden. They’ve lived next door for two years and I never heard a peep from them. I don’t think the pool is even safe. It’s quite deep and she’s set up a slide going onto it. And then there’s the environmental impact of filling it up every day.”

Several people took to the comments to tell the woman she’s being unfair to her neighbors. One person wrote: “Given how hot it has been and will be again you are being unreasonable to resent them being in the pool all day. Unless you’re jealous.”

Another commented: “You haven’t heard a peep out of them in two years so I’d just grin and bear it. You sound irritated that they’re finally using their garden! Living in a terraced house means accepting that sometimes there’ll be noise. Hope the ‘naughty’ boy has a delightful day in the pool tomorrow.”

Instead of acting like the grouchy neighbor that everyone hates, this woman should try to make friends with the people next door so she can use their pool.


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