Woman Used ‘Spell Book’ to Set Car on Fire


Practicing magic can be a blessing or a curse. A woman is accused of apparently using pages from a spell book to set a vehicle on fire.

Kristy Lynn Malzi from Hollsopple, Pennsylvania, is facing charges of reckless burning, terroristic threats and simple assault after her vehicle arson incident.

Officers from Somerset County were called to BK’s Klassics on Bedford Street in Stonycreek Township for reports of a vehicle arson. They learned through interviewing witnesses that Malzi had gone to that location to confront a man she’d previously been in a relationship with.

The 47-year-old proceeded to point a loaded shotgun at the man and struck him before employees were able to escort her out of the building. Witnesses then say a Ford Focus in the parking lot was on fire.

An employee was able to use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out before authorities arrived for assistance. They noticed that there were several burnt pages from a book that were left inside the engine compartment of the vehicle.

Police also found burnt pages lying around the parking lot, all a part of the book Wicca Book of Spells. Witnesses told the investigators that they believed Malzi was practicing witchcraft when she was lighting the car on fire. She allegedly ignited the pages from the book before placing them on the driver-side front seat of the car through a conveniently open window.

Malzi is currently being held in the Cambria County Prison with bail set at $25,000.


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