Woman Uses Toilet Seat as Weapon


When thinking of a list of weapons, a toilet seat isn’t usually the first thing to pop into mind. A Cincinnati woman had to get down and dirty by using a toilet seat as her weapon of choice when she broke into another person’s home.

Deasha Vaughn kicked down a woman’s door while the victim was in the shower. To catch her by surprise, she punched the victim in the face and then picked up the toilet seat. According to the prosecutor, Joe Deters, Vaughn proceeded to hit the woman in the face with it.

The 34-year-old was indicted by a Hamilton County grand jury where she is facing an aggravated burglary charge. Vaughn was released from jail after posting bond, which was set at ten percent of $10,000. She is expected to be back in court for her hearing.

As for the victim, according to court documents, she was injured during the incident. It’s unclear as to what condition she is in now since the incident occurred.


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