Woman Wears Walter White Shirt After Meth Charges


When arrested, criminals are innocent until proven guilty. An Alabama woman did all she could to prove otherwise after she was arrested for methamphetamine charges while wearing a Walter White t-shirt.

Misty Mays was collared on a misdemeanor rap for a court no-show in connection with her February 2022 arrest. The 50-year-old was arrested earlier this year for a traffic stop in Wetumpka, Alabama, a city around 20 miles north of Montgomery.

At the time of her arrest, a police search determined Mays was in the possession of meth and drug paraphernalia (a meth pipe).

Mays was apprehended again for failure to appear in court. This time, she was wearing a mint-colored shirt with a large photo of Walter White, the meth kingpin portrayed by Bryan Cranston in the popular show Breaking Bad. In the photo on her shirt, White is pictured surrounded by stacks of cash, perhaps something Mays dreamed of as well.

Idolizing a meth dealer landed the woman in some hot water. According to jail records, Mays is currently being held in the Elmore County lockup in lieu of a $20,500 bond.


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