Woman Who Sold Her Farts Now Sells Boob Sweat


A business-minded woman is abandoning one side hustle for another, substituting selling her farts to now selling boob sweat. She’s making a hefty profit too, earning up to $5,000 a day jarring her boob sweat for customers.

Despite making some serious dough selling her farts, Steph Matto had to quit after she was hospitalized due to a diet she had been following to ensure gassier farts. The fibre-high diet which consisted of mainly beans and eggs led to some serious health problems. The former reality star was making up to $1,000 per fart jar.

This leads us to the next business venture: selling boob sweat. Matto claims that getting the desired amount of boob sweat for one jar takes about 15 minutes and she regularly spends up to four hours a day lounging to get the right amount to jar for the day.

This current hustle has led her to fill about 10 bottles of sweat jars a day. She often sells them for $500 each and makes around $5,000 a day.

“I love sitting by the pool but it’s also hard work, don’t be fooled,” Matto said.

“Sometimes it can vary how long it takes [to fill up a jar] as it depends on several scientific factors, mainly the heat, movement and how hydrated I am. I try to drink a lot of water and sit as much in direct sunlight as I can.”

Obviously, Matto is risking it all for yet another business venture as sitting in the sun for too long can lead to burning and ultimately skin cancer if the correct precautions aren’t followed.

Matto is taking precautions to protect herself. She added: “I’m also trying to practice this craft as safely as possible with a proper SPF moisturiser, however after this past week I have learned that a simple SPF 30 won’t be cutting it, since I did burn my chest quite badly.

“With boob sweat, I want to do things right. I want to be smart, start off slow and have sustainable growth that doesn’t overwhelm my body.”


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