Woman With Split Tongue Tastes Pepsi and Coke Simultaneously


A woman with a split tongue may be the first person to taste Pepsi and Coca-Cola simultaneously. This takes the Coke vs. Pepsi debate to a whole other level.

Brianna Mary Shihadeh has tried tasting weird drink combinations together before, including trying sugary water and saltwater. This time, she attempted to really go for it and taste Coke and Pepsi at the same time.

In a video posted on her TikTok, Shihadeh poured a can of each brand into separate glasses before lapping up the beverages with her split tongue. She had to do a few sips before coming to her conclusion.

The caption for the video was: “I always thought coke was sweeter until I tried this” and Shihadeh noted that both drinks were “so similar they honestly taste the same.”

“I noticed more fizz on one side, it seemed like the Pepsi had more carbonation even though I opened it first,” she said in a follow up comment on the video.

Shihadeh’s video has racked up almost 300,000 views leaving several people to suggest what she should try tasting next with her split tongue.

One user wrote: “Sprite and 7up.”

Another mentioned: “Do orange juice and apple juice. Or apple juice and tequila.”

Whatever combination Shihadeh tries next, it should be an interesting surprise.


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