Woman’s Bag Starts on Fire in the Sun


More and more people are traveling to beach destinations all over the globe. In one woman’s case, she decided to do some sunbathing in Crete, Greece, and ended it with her bag catching on fire.

Eva Bacchoo was enjoying her time by the water when she noticed a slight burning smell coming from nearby. It turns out that her bag had caught on fire and was giving off the smoky odor.

The 21-year-old shared a video on TikTok about the incident. In the video, Bacchoo shows of her smouldering Primark bag that was left in the sun. She assumed that the metal button could’ve gotten too hot and caused the bag to light into flames.

Despite the metal button as the obvious choice, many users shared their take on the situation, suggesting that it was actually Bacchoo’s water bottle that may have started the fire. Water bottles that have sat in the sun for too long can reflect like a magnifying glass and ignite.

Thankfully, they managed to extinguish the flame and no one was harmed. Besides her water bottle, Bacchoo also had her AirPods in the pocket of her bag. After posting an updated commented, the AirPods were fine, drying out and running smoothly.

“I felt shocked at first but, ultimately, I found it funny how it had set itself on fire. I panicked at first with the AirPods but they were safe,” Bacchoo said.


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