Woman’s Bleached Hair Falls Out in Clumps


When bleaching your hair, it’s best to stick with professionals. At least, that’s what Jess Kent learned after attempting to bleach her own hair only to have clumps of it fall out.

Kent, an Australian musician, took to TikTok to share her hair nightmare. In the video, her hairdresser is shown looking distressed as she pulls and brushes clumps of hair out of Kent’s head. She warned viewers: “Let this be your sign to not touch up your roots with bleach at home.” At the end, a pile of hair bleach blonde hair is seen on the floor.

In a follow up video, Kent went on to explain her bleaching process, which ultimately resulted in some of her hair falling out. She decided to bleach her own roots while away on a trip because she was unable to visit her regular hairdresser and didn’t want to hair to be left for too long without a touch up.

After going over her hair once with the bleach mixture, Kent found her hair was patchy and she tried to try again a few days later. This time, she used a hair mask and leave-in conditioner to keep the heat in and left the product on a bit longer.

When she went to brush out the treatments out of her hair, she noticed it starting to fall out. That’s when she immediately made an appointment with a hairdresser to attempt to fix the problem.

Kent’s original video received over four million views with several concerned comments about the woman’s hair.

One user commented: “How are you so calm? I would be bawling my eyes out!”

Some were more confused about how she could’ve ended in such a situation, especially since at-home bleaching has become such a normal thing.

Someone said: “I’ve doing at-home hair for years, you just over-processed your hair.”

A user wrote: “I’ve bleached and dyed my hair for literal years and this has never happened to me.”


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