Woman’s Botched Dental Job Goes Viral

A woman flew to Iran from the United Kingdom to visit family but made an impulse decision that ultimately ended up with her down almost $1,000 and with a set of “horse” teeth.

While in Iran, Aida Azizii decided to get work done on her teeth since most of her family and several people in Iran have sparkly pearly whites. Although her family’s recommended dentist wasn’t available, she decided to check out one that a friend of a friend had suggested. The price was decent, around $700 for 19 teeth, so she booked an appointment.

The first red flag should’ve been setting up an appointment that starts at 7 p.m. but there definitely should’ve been sirens going off when the dental assistant started the job over the actual dentist. A composite bonding procedure is no easy task and requires diligent focus to complete.

After finishing four teeth, the dental assistant had to leave and the doctor stepped in. Let’s just say, his work wasn’t much better.

Azizii posted a video to TikTok explaining the entire situation. “When we finished, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what he had done. I resembled a horse. They were way too big but he told me I would just get used to them.

“I wasn’t even able to eat because my back teeth weren’t touching and the tip of my tongue was sore as it was hitting the back of my teeth because the composite wasn’t bonded properly together,” she said.

Thankfully, Azizii was able to find another doctor that was able to fix everything. “I then found another doctor whilst still in Iran. He couldn’t believe how badly they had been done and asked me how long the previous doctor had been a doctor for, but I wasn’t sure.

“I was told that because they were so big and all pressure was on my front teeth if I had left them untreated, my natural teeth would have eventually fallen out. He changed everything but the colour and he even compared them to chalk,” she said.

The TikTok video of Aida’s storytime has received over 1.3 million views. Several people have commented with their red flags and teeth mishaps. One user wrote: “Okay first red flag was going at 7pm.”

Another commented: “I’m in a state of shock. As a dental assistant, I can’t imagine doing that…”