Woman’s Cheap Tattoo Fails Ends Up Costing Her


It’s hard to pass up a good deal. A woman vacationing in India wanted a way to remember her trip so she decided to get an inexpensive tattoo. What could go wrong?

Hannah Ware settled on getting a permanent tattoo to make her trip more memorable. She was able to find a place that inked her toe tattoo for super cheap. Who would pass up some fresh ink for an $8 price tag?

She documented the process of her tattoo in a short TikTok video. The adorable tattoo she settled on was two arrows and four dots but it soon went downhill after the initial inking.

Less than a month after the procedure, Ware’s tattoo design had already faded significantly, with only a few very faint lines left. Trying to find some positivity over the situation, the caption of her TikTok read, “At least it was only $8.”

Usually, after tattoo appointments, the newly-inked customer is given a set of care instructions to follow to ensure the tattoo doesn’t get infected. This wasn’t the case for Ware, who was simply sent on her merry way after the appointment. I guess you get what you pay for.

Ware revealed she is planning to arrange a top-up appointment in the near future. At least she was able to get a good story out of her trip abroad.

The TikTok has been viewed over 3.8 million times as of this posting. Some people tried to provide helpful words on the video. One person wrote: “This is not a fail. That just shows you have no idea. In such places, you have to pierce at least twice,” referring to feet tattoos.

Another commented: “It’s not about India it’s about tattoo fingers is the most difficult place to keep the tattoo!!!!”


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