Woman Brings Children Along to Vandalize Business


A Nebraskan woman was arrested after she brought her two children along while vandalizing a business in Lancaster County. Emily Anderson drove to Yankee Hill Brick & Tile and entered the business with one of her children in tow through an unlocked door of the north building.

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner reported that once inside, Anderson knocked over shelving, ripped open several bags of materials and toss toolboxes around. She also took spray cans that she found inside the business and sprayed the words “Anderson” and “MINE” onto the building. What a way to be subtle.

At the south building, the 30-year-old and one of her children threw chairs, toolboxes, trash and anything else they could find to cause damage to the building. It was around this time that an employee reported an unknown vehicle was parked at the business.

By the time deputies arrived at the scene, Anderson was located in the doorway of the business missing her shoes and her two children were outside of the vehicle.

After being interviewed by deputies, Anderson admitted to taking property from the business and spray-painting the building. She was then arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief and child abuse. Her two children were taken into the custody of health and human services.

According to reports, the business had around $5,000 worth of damage after Anderson’s eventful evening.


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