Workplace Exclusion Leads to a Jackpot


Rita Leher, a 51-year-old casino cashier, walked out of an employment tribunal with around $94,000. The judge declared that colleagues excluding her from a work night out are a form of victimization.

Leher is a woman of color with a mixed black African heritage, and she won claims on the grounds of unfair dismissal, race, and age discrimination.

Leher worked as a cashier at Aspers casino in the Stratford Westfield Centre in London, United Kingdom. It is the second biggest casino in Britain, and there are approximately 560 staff members to keep the place running 24 hours, 364 days a year.

With over 22 years of work experience in the gaming industry and as an extremely experienced staff member, she was also the highest-paid cashier at the casino. Her yearly salary cashed in around $30,000. Due to her pleasant customer service and positive feedback, she was even selected as the employee to work on a ‘VIP cruise.’

Despite her positive recognition and high paying salary, there was limited potential for growth and promotion. After numerous attempts, her applications for higher positions were either ignored or rejected.

Many of her younger colleagues had been given promotions over the years, and none of them were black or of mixed heritage. Then, there was a social event planned in her presence by other cashiers. Leher was the only employee not on the invitation list to cocktail bar Las Iguanas for drinks.

Judge Moor declared: “We unanimously agree that being excluded from discussions at work about a social occasion amongst colleagues when one would normally be included would subject an employee to a detriment at work.

“The occasion was sufficiently linked to work by the fact that it was amongst work colleagues and was discussed at work and would provide the opportunity for team bonding.

“We unanimously agree that this was because Ms. Leher had complained about victimization.”

When considering her transition back to work, Leher received requests to work in a different area, like the gaming tables. This shift in work duties will require her to do six weeks of training, and Leher resigned her role after feeling ‘belittled’, ‘demeaned’, and ‘insulted’ by the advice.

Money will heal all wounds. Leher left the courtroom with $93,469.38 in compensation for her successful claims of unethical victimization, unfair dismissal, and race and age discrimination.


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