World Tour Ends With Rock, Paper, Scissors


Rock, paper, scissors is not just a game reserved for young children on the playground.

International competitive sports teams dropped the skills performance for a game of chance to determine the champion. The Tour of Slovenia’s stage four winner was decided after a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Towards the end of the race, the players diverted their attention from cycling to battle it out with their hands. Rafal Majka and Tadej Pogacar were cycling in the lead with 5 km remaining until the finish line. They diverted their attention from the cycles for a dual of their fingers. Majka emerged as the champion, and Pogacar finished in second place.

The UAE Team Emirates ended with a display of good sportsmanship as the top two finalists hugged after a good match. Majka was able to hold onto the overall leader’s jersey.

“We had a great day. We did the last climb together, then Tadej said I should win the stage,” Majka said. “I’m now also in a good position for second overall. This is all very good before the Tour de France, we try to stay safe and win races.”

In the future, on top of the cycling techniques, riders may need to brush up on their hand game skills. The children of the cyclists can assist in coaching them for high performance.


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