World’s Biggest Beer Case Comes at a Cost


Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy a can of beer with 1,843 of your friends. That’s right, with Pabst Brewing Co.’s largest beer case yet, you’ll never run out of the cool beverage during the year’s hottest days.

Why a 1,844 pack? Pabst was founded in Milwaukee in 1884 so the 1,884-pack is meant to celebrate the company’s history, as well as America’s. The company released 250 1,884-packs around the country so people could enjoy the ultimate July 4 celebrations.

“The idea is that the 1,844-pack creates an event wherever it’s located. We want people to stop and shoot photos of it and tell their friends about it,” Pabst spokesperson Lee Dixon said.

The cases are around four feet tall, 3.2 feet wide and going for a crisp $849.99.

“Hopefully, it stops people in their tracks and gets them to grab our beer. We wanted to do this around the fourth of July, the biggest beer holiday of the year, because who wouldn’t want to show up with a picture of an (1,844) pack to a party?” said Dixon.

It’s unknown as to wether or not the brand’s publicity trick worked this year but they have had some success in the past. Previously, Pabst released a 99-pack in 2019 and a 1776-pack in 2021 with five Independence Day-themed 1776-packs sent to selected partners.


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