Yakety Sax Music Blasts Outside Parliament


Sometimes you just have to laugh at the political turmoil and move on. 

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to face issues regarding political scandals and the government is in the middle of a political crisis as members of Johnson’s government are resigning due to ongoing scandals. 

Hugh Grant, who played the role of a U.K. prime minister in Love Actually, added salt to the wound by requesting ‘Yakety Sax’ to be played outside the Parliament. This instrumental is the theme song to The Benny Hill Show and a popular soundtrack for amusing buffoonery. 

The DJ behind the music was Steve Bray, an activist who positions himself as standing “against Brexit and corrupt Tories,” also known as the Conservative Party of which Johnson was the current leader. 

Bray started the party strong by setting up speakers outside Westminster, and Grant was quick to chime in with the music requests. He tweeted, “Morning @snb19692. Glad you have your speakers back. Do you by any chance have the Benny Hill music to hand?”

He certainly did have that music ready to shuffle into the playlist. As per Grant’s request, he played “Yakety Sax” at a screeching high volume. The music was so loud that it made its way into British news broadcasting channels. News reporters had a new soundtrack in the background to their reports. 

The music served as a lighthearted medium to poke fun into a challenging political situation. Johnson will have to turn a blind eye to live this down. Perhaps this played some part in getting the leader to resign.


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