Yorkie Puppy Escapes Bald Eagle


There are lucky dogs and then there’s Coco. This eight-month-old Yorkie pup was picked up by a bald eagle outside of her home in Metlakatla, British Columbia.

Doorbell camera footage showed the bird swooping down and easily picking up the dog. Both screeching animals disappeared off camera before Coco reappeared on screen and ran up the steps to the door.

Owner Justin Dudoward described the incident in more detail. He explained that Coco was let outside and he walked back inside the house for a moment. His daughter was the one who started screaming once she saw the situation unfold. Thankfully, she grabbed the dog when it ran up the steps after escaping the eagle’s grasp.

“We didn’t know it was that bad until we went back and looked at my doorbell camera,” Dudoward said.

According to the family, Coco had a laceration on her stomach that required veterinary care. She also had a few other scrapes and scratches that were relatively manageable for the pup. It seems like Coco is fine as three days after the incident, Dudoward said it was “like nothing happened to her.” The dog is safely recovering at home.


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