You Don’t Want to Mess With an Angry Kangaroo

Coming face-to-face with a kangaroo is something you should never want to experience. For one Australian man, he had no choice after a kangaroo chased him down.

A home surveillance video showed the marsupial chasing the man in the Ballina area of Australia as he attempts to head for safety. The man tried sprinting away from the kangaroo before stumbling to the ground. That’s when the animal made its move, stomping on the man who attempts to get back on his feet while clutching a stick and swinging it around wildly.

Despite the man’s dog barking in the background behind a fence, the kangaroo could be less fazed, taking its attack-mode skills up a notch, where it lands a few brutal hooks on the man.

The angry eastern grey seemed to be winning the battle before the man grabs the front foot of the animal and pulls it to the ground. This is where the fight eases out and the man pins down the animal but not without receiving a few last-ditch efforts to escape made by the kangaroo.

As of now, it’s unsure if the New South Wales man was seriously injured during the kangaroo attack. Kangaroos have been known to be aggressive when the animals feel threatened or if they believe their young are at risk. Who knows what caused this unprovoked aggression but it was certainly a battle for the ages.