Young Girl Spots Megalodon Tooth at Calvert County Beach

Beaches aren’t only filled with sea shells and rocks. A young girl from Maryland had an interesting day at the beach when she discovered a Megalodon tooth along a Calvert County beach.

The Calvert Marine Museum shared the finding on Facebook after Molly showed the fossil to the paleontology department. The caption read: “Future paleontologist, Molly, was out searching for fossils on Christmas morning when, what to her wondering eyes appeared… but a huge Megalodon tooth! Molly was excited to share her awesome find with our paleontology department last week at the museum!”

Credit: Calvert Marine Museum

Other Facebook users were impressed by her discoveries and hope to find similar fossils during their hunting experiences.

Molly has a new collection of fossils that also consists of her largest and smallest shark teeth found along Calvert beaches. For those wondering what happens to the tooth, it stays with Molly and she will not need to surrender her findings to the museum.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/calvertmarinemuseum/posts/pfbid02hZuMtvfGtZAaHvQDvU8kN4Sr8foAz8vwZaSsS8f2yX5QeiCVHpiav4GtPrNL26xml