YouTuber Crashes Lamborghini to Advertise His Energy Drinks

Marketing tactics can involve extreme stunts to shock people into paying attention to the products. Russian YouTuber Mikhail Litvin sought to draw attention to his energy drink, Lit Energy, by smashing his Lamborghini Urus SUV as part of the advertising video.

Will the profits from the ad exceed the cost of the vehicle repairs? A video posted on Instagram shows the influencer standing back as he watches a huge can of his beverage hoisted by a crane. A white Lamborghini Urus SUV is parked ready to take the hit from the heavy dropping.

The luxury car is completely damaged by the large can and the YouTuber may regret this decision as he raises his eyebrows watching the scene unfold.

Credit: Mikhail Litvin

Whether or not the marketing campaign is successful, people are definitely more aware of the product. He captioned the video: “URUS was a good one.”

A user replied: “It is sad to live in a time when people are delighted with what is happening. People are trying to be rescued from under the rubble, the whole world is helping, and everything is stable in Russia. I imagine what people will do on camera in 5 years for views.”

Another added: “It’s time to make a cemetery for killed cars.”

“Really Krisha is coming to you already. You won’t get the first impression back the second time. Leave the cars alone. Or give it to him either, that’s going to be hype. Warm up the poor guy,” another user said. 

People may remember him for a couple of seconds due to the extreme stunt but this YouTuber is stuck with an empty driveway now.