Zodiac Sign Obsession Leads to Weird Pregnancy Trend


Learning more about your zodiac sign is all the rage, with many people revolving their lives around these decisions. Some have committed completely by timing their pregnancies to coincide with a more desirable zodiac sign’s birth month.

Parents are thinking ahead with their conceptions so that nine months later their child is born within the right month and sign they planned for. This trend stretches back a few years but it’s catching on again as more and more people discover the ongoing craze.

On Reddit, people have shared their thoughts on zodiac pregnancy planning. One user asked the question: “Has anyone tried planning their future children’s zodiac based on you and your s/o zodiac?”

They continued: “My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting to plan our next child according to signs so that when we do have another child we can all be compatible.”

Dozens weighed in on the idea, including one person who said: “I like the idea of adding a Libra. I have had three best friends that have been Libras so I thought maybe that could work!”

In theory, all this planning is a great idea but pregnancies don’t always go as expected. Several babies are born slightly early or late to fall within the planned zodiac sign. Even with these instances, this shouldn’t disappoint any future families as they will still welcome a beautiful child into the world.


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