Zoo Recaptures Fifth Flying Fugitive

When birds escape from their enclosure, you never know where they might fly off to. A California zoo had six birds escape their facility and have since recaptured five of the animals.

The Oakland Zoo reported that six pied crows, a bird native to Africa, escaped their enclosure when a tree fell onto the Savanna aviary because of high winds. Three missing superb starlings returned to the habitat on their own on March 23, 2023, and a hooded vulture named Oliver was lured back the next day.

Credit: Oakland Zoo

The zoo announced on Facebook that an Oakland resident who lives a few miles from the zoo spotted a black and white pied crow on their porch. They immediately contacted the zoo and officials quickly rushed to the scene to recapture the bird.

Zookeepers managed to lure the bird, named Deauville, into the house, where they safely captured the avian with a net. Zoo officials are now aiming to find the final escaped bird, another pied crow named Diego.