Hydro Flask Water Bottle Survives Car Fire

Reusable water bottles are all the trend right now, with many going out of stock as soon as they hit the shelves. A woman’s trendy Hydro Flask did more than just quench her thirst as it survived after her car became engulfed in flames on the side of a road.

Chrishanna Juan’s vehicle caught on fire on the side of the road in New Mexico with her Hydro Flask inside. Within 10 minutes, the 26-year-old’s car was completely immersed in flames. “The firefighters showed up [after] about 20 minutes of my car being on fire,” Juan said.

Juan said the entire front end of the vehicle was burned in the fire, except for the frame of the car. After the fire was put out, firefighters were able to reunite her with her “emotional support water bottle,” which survived the incident pretty much unscathed.

The woman documented her getting the bottle back and posted it on TikTok. She added that she was glad it survived the car fire as it was her favorite color and is still “worth every penny” she spent on it.

“It was my emotional support water bottle and will continue to be,” Juan said.

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@chrishannajuan/video/7307363232287640878