Birdemic: Shock and Terror | Get The Flick Outta Here #87

Some unfortunate news, folks. Today marks the final episode of Get The Flick Outta Here on this channel.

But as a parting gift, we’ve decided to review the worst movie ever made!

It’s called “Birdemic: Shock and Terror” but the only thing shocking or terrifying is how this movie ever got made.

After 47 minutes of awkward romance between a stalker and his unsuspecting victim, along with a lot of footage of driving and talking about stock options, the BIRDEMIC finally begins! The birds — well, eagles, mostly — are very mad at humans because of global warming. No really, that’s the whole reason.

Don’t worry, the world’s most boring millionaire sales rep and his Victoria’s Secret cover model girlfriend are going to save the world! We hate to leave you, but at least we’re going out on a high note… by reviewing the worst movie ever made!

On the final edition of GET THE FLICK OUTTA HERE!!!

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