Kentucky Convenience Store Bathrooms Transform Into Disco Clubs

There’s no better way to attract visitors to your business than by showing them you know how to party. A chain of Kentucky convenience stores is bringing in business by having a button in the bathroom that turns it into a disco dance party.

Six HOP Shops locations in Northern Kentucky have red buttons installed in their bathrooms that read: “Do Not Push This Button.” Mary Moss, the manager at the HOP Shops in Walton, Kentucky, said a winking photo of mascot Hopper the Frog on the sign is meant to indicate to customers that they should actually push the button.

Upon pushing the button, colored lights are activated along with a disco ball and music in the bathroom, turning it into a dance club while you take care of business. These bathrooms are extremely unique and have become a big draw with many people coming to the stores just to experience the disco bathroom.

“I had a 60-year-old woman who came out of the restroom and told me it was the best day of her life,” Moss said.

According to Ann Gilbert, manager of human resources at parent company Valor Oil, the idea for the disco bathrooms came from the company’s vice president of retail marketing, Damon Bail. The first bathroom was installed at the HOP Shop in Verona, Kentucky, in February 2023. A sixth disco bathroom has now been opened in Florence.

Source: https://fox56news.com/news/spirit-of-bluegrass/disco-bathrooms-bring-laughter-to-the-lavatory/