Man Wins $300,000 After Using Previous Winnings to Buy Last Ticket on the Roll

Who wouldn’t want to win even bigger on your second try? A Michigan man spent part of his $100 lottery winnings on the last $5 scratch-off ticket in a roll and ended up winning a huge $300,000 prize.

The 46-year-old Bay County man told Michigan Lottery officials that a Southside Market store brought him some extra luck. “I was at the store and bought two $30 tickets and won $100 so I used some of my winnings to purchase more tickets,” the player said. “I hardly ever play the Bingo games but there was one left on the roll so I decided to purchase it.”

The player went directly to scratching off the barcode of the $5 Bingo Blockbuster ticket to see if he was a winner.

“I scratched the barcode and scanned it right away and got a message to file a claim. I scanned it a few more times and kept getting the same message so I drove straight to the lottery office in Saginaw to find out what I’d won,” the man said. “When the lottery employee told me the ticket was a $300,000 winning ticket, I thought I had heard her wrong at first. It still doesn’t feel real as I’m sitting here claiming the prize!”

The lottery winner said that the prize money will be going toward home renovation projects and investing the remaining amount. “Winning $300,000 is humbling and came at the perfect time,” the player said.