Ontario Landlord Rents Out Single Bed in Middle of Kitchen

The rental market in and around the Greater Toronto Area is always crazy, which can explain this wild listing. A landlord in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, is renting out a single bed in the middle of a kitchen for anyone looking for some cheap accommodations.

Most landlords are looking to make a quick buck and with no rent control in the province, instances like this one are only going to continue to happen. This latest rental is for a “room” in Brampton, Ontario, at the cheap price of $350 a month. The catch? You’re only given a twin bed that’s placed in the middle of a kitchen.

The ad for the shared space was originally posted on Kijiji and was later shared on Reddit. The post read: “Sharing space available in 2 bedroom basement.” The landlord added that the space was “newly furnished.”

The lone picture in the listing showed the room is actually the kitchen with a single bed wedged between the counter’s edge and a support pillar and the headboard mere inches from the sink. The ad boasted about the shared living quarters’ proximity to local colleges and universities, banks, grocery stores, drug stores and public transit, which provides plenty of opportunities to leave the apartment.

One person joked online saying: “Now you can literally wake up and smell the coffee,” while another was quite angry about the situation: “That needs to be reported to a fire marshal. If there’s ever an emergency, they’re f***ed.”

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/ontario/comments/19f4osc/kitchens_are_now_being_rented_out_for_350_a_month/